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Press conference

Poland beat Venezuela 3-0 (25-18, 25-13, 25-23) - duration 1:19
07-Jun, start time: 15:07, end time: 16:26 - Attendance: 8,160
Head Coach of Venezuela, Miguel Cambero:

"It was a completly different game than yesterday. Today the Poles performed almost perfectly. We had constant problems with our reception. It improved a liitle bit in the third set but not enough to win at least a set."

Polish Head Coach, Waldemar Wspanialy:

"I agree - we saw two completely different matches. My players came back to fitnness and the service was their weapon. We are still going to fight for the World League Finals' berth, although yesterday's loss makes the way to Madrid seem a lot longer."

Captain of Venezuela, Ernardo "Harry" Gomez:

"Let me congratulate the Poles - they played excellently. Our basic problem was the poor reception and generally it was not our day. I really enjoyed playing here in Poland, in front of so many enthusiastic spectators.

Captain of Poland, Pawel Zagumny:

"Absolute concentration plus strong service were the keys to our success. Yesterday's loss was a lesson for us."