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Press conference

France beat Greece 3-0 (26-24, 30-28, 25-23) - duration 1:28
06-Jun, start time: 21:07, end time: 22:35 - Attendance: 4,260
Stelios PROSALIKAS (Head Coach, GRE): "The match took an incredible course today. For the first time in my three years with the National Team, never have I lost a match in such a way. We were always leading by three or four points and in the end made so many errors. Especially at 24-22 in the first set our errors were hard to believe. In the way we lost 0-3, we could also have won 3-0. Part of our bad luck is due to the team being too tired. Nothing is over yet and I hope we can play better tomorrow".

Marios GIOURDAS (Team Captain, GRE): "It is normal to loose when you make so many errors. We couldn't concentrate on our game and it was a fair victory for the French. I hope we'll play better tomorrow".

Philippe BLAIN (Head Coach, FRA): "I am very satisfied, but nothing is over yet concerning qualification to the finals, as we still have tomorrow's match, where we expect Greece to react strongly. Our victory was a happy surprise for us. Not that we didn't believe that we could win, but if one had seen our training during the past week, one would know what I mean".

Dominique DAQUIN (Team Captain, FRA): "At the start of the match we had difficulties in serving and we couldn't read our opponents tactics. At the end of each set we were very serious and we made it tough for the Greeks".