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Press conference

Venezuela beat Poland 3-0 (25-20, 25-22, 25-20) - duration 1:24
06-Jun, start time: 18:52, end time: 20:16 - Attendance: 8,070
Head coach of Venezuela, Miguel Cambero:
First of all let me say that I enjoy very much taking part in such a spectacular event. The organisation, here in Poland, is really excellent. This game was very important for us - after four straight losses a success was desired. We perfectly used the errors made by the Poles, but there were no easy points - we had to struggle hard for this victory.
Head coach of Poland, Waldemar Wspanialy:
After two victories in Venezuela I did not expect this outcome and I can only say that I'm terribly sorry. It's impossible for me now to explain all the reasons for our poor performance, but the basic line was our reception, reaching less than 40 % in efficiency. My players missed the freshness and dynamics after an extended and tiresome trip to Venezuela.
Captain of Venezuela, Ernardo "Harry" Gomez:
We desperately needed a victory and we are all extremely happy. A day before, on the pre-match press conference, I foresaw our success, and it happened. Polish players' unforced errors in reception and service helped us a lot.
Captain of Poland, Pawel Zagumny:
I'm not able to explain why we played in such a poor way. We have to think it over tonight, but for sure an improvement in staying focused through the whole game is necessary for us. We'll try to make the score reversed tomorrow.