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Press conference

Bulgaria beat Netherlands 3-1 (22-25, 25-23, 25-21, 25-20) - duration 1:42
06-Jun, start time: 19:37, end time: 21:19 - Attendance: 1,500

Statement of captain Reinder Nummerdor:
"Today we lost to a very good team. In the first set we started well. After winning that set the serving of the Bulgarians improved a lot. We were not able to have the right answer on their service pressure. That was the big issue today".

Statement of Bulgarian captain Ivanov:
"I'm very happy with this win. Our concentration was very good and I hope tomorrow it will be the same."

Statement of the Netherlands coach Goedkoop:
"Bulgaria played a very good match. This was one of those games we have played very often against them over the last twenty years. The difference was the service pressure and passing of both teams. Bulgaria played on that part much better than we did. The rest of our play wasn't so bad. We have to improve in serving and reception tomorrow."

Statement of Bulgarian coach Kijac:
"We came here to play a good match and reach a good level of play. When you do that you can achieve a good result. So we did today. We played a very good match like this also against Serbia and Montenegro. We wanted to show that it wasn't an accident. I'm glad that we did now. In the first set nothing worked for us. But in the rest of the match we showed our skill and that is quite a lot. After loosing the first match against Cuba in the first weekend we knew that we had to make some good results in the matches away from home. It is giving us a lot of confidence and psychologically it's very important for the team".