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Press conference

Bulgaria beat Yugoslavia 3-2 (26-28, 25-23, 25-20, 24-26, 15-9) - duration 2:13
01-Jun, start time: 20:00, end time: 22:13 - Attendance: 3,110
Nikola Grbic, captain of Serbia and Montenegro: "We took no notice of the first match. It is clear that yesterday was not an accident, but our fault. I must say that the Bulgarian team played better, even better than yesterday. The Bulgarian team wasn't able to bring the second set to the end and we celebrated too soon, before it was time. We have to look forward and not think about the rankings, but of the mistakes we made. The game should be important and not the result."
Captain of the Bulgarian Team, Ivanov said: "This was a historic victory for us in view of the fact that since 1995 we haven't won in any important events. We played better than yesterday which was psychologically critical for us and in some periods of time, we played them over. We succeeded in fufilling our task. Winning is winning, but we have to go on, and play to the end. But this will bring new confidence to us as it is not a little thing to beat the Olympic Champion on their turf."
Veselin Vukovic, national coach of Serbia and Montenegro: "I must congratulate the Bulgarian team for the victory which they merited. In analyses, after the match in Belgrade, it is evident that we didn't play as we wanted to. On the other hand, the Bulgarians patiently played and waited.
Until the 2nd set we had a result and the play, but we played irresponsibly and entered nervously into the 3rd set. I changed the players, and we played better in the fourth set, but it wasn't enough. This should make us think much more about how we play."
National coach of Bulgaria, Milorad Kijac said: "Our main task was to win, and we won at least this match. This means a lot to us as our basic problem was self-confidence. Our team was not conscious of the fact that they can win. But I knew that the team of Serbia and Montenegro was not prepared enough and unharmonized, so we took advantage of that to win. We had to be patient and not lose our head, after the 2nd set when we lost after 20:15, we regained our strength and succeeded. But this was not as in Belgrade where the same could happen."