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23/05/2003 - New Italian coach pleased with spirit

New National Coach for Italy 

Gian Paolo Montali, presently with the club of Milano has been chosen as the new coach of the Italian National Team. He replaces Andrea Anastasi, who finished the 2002 season with Italy's fourth place in the World League (their worst ever result), and a fifth place at the World Championship in Argentina. Montali has already selected a squad of 22 players from which he will choose those who will participate in the World League, the first tournament for the new National Team. Montali has covered his bases, naming some new faces, while retaining some old and familiar ones, thus while launching a new era for the Italian side, he still can call on the talent and experience of his big stars. "The Italian Team is now ranked fifth on the World Ranking," Montali said. "This means that we have to work a lot, be patient and determined and do our best to demonstrate what we will be able to reach." "I don't have a lot to say, we just have to work and to take care of three important things: attitude, attitude, attitude!" the new national coach said, underlining that he expected his players to dedicate themselves to every competition, match, set and even rally. more 
(Story by Giada Imperato, Milan, Photo credit to

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Italy - Pool B (Scroll down for Spanish)

Italy is not only one of Volleyball's superpowers, it is the best of all men's team of the 20th century according to the FIVB selection and certainly, with its spectacular history of eight World League titles, two seconds, one third and two fourth places, the singularly most successful team in the League history. Although the national team had a good start in international competitions, finishing third at the European Championship in 1948 and eighth at the first World Championship in 1949, the country then had to wait for almost another 40 years for a significant success. The first breakthrough came in 1978 at the World Championship in held in Rome where the Italians won the silver medal, but the best was yet to come. Under the firm hand of head coach Julio Velasco of Argentina, Italy clearly dominated the sport in the 1990s, triumphing at the World Championship in 1990 in Brazil, in 1994 in Greece and again, under new coach, Brazilian Bebeto in Japan, 1998. No other team can match such a record in the history of this sport. During this splendid era Italy also captured the silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the bronze in Sydney 2000, conquered under coach Andrea Anastasi. Also from 1989 Italy won the European Championship four times, claimed the World Cup in 1995 and the Grand Champions Cup in 1993. However, following the fourth place in the World League last year and the disappointing fifth at the World Championship, a new coach Gian Paolo Montali, was appointed to lead the blue jerseys to the former glory. Montali wants to focus on the 2004 Athens Olympics but given his winning attitude, hopes are high for Italy to return to the leading ranks of international competition and are expected to put up a strong showing at the 2003 World League. Italy, currently at an unusual fourth place of the FIVB World ranking, will clash with the World Champions Brazil, Portugal and Germany in Pool B. 

Prize Money
Italy Total Prize money US$
12 523 015
Overall Standings for Italy
World League Played Total Matches played Win Lost % Wins
13 222 175 47 78.8

Italia - (Spanish)
Italia no es solamente una de las grandes potencias del voleibol mundial, sino que es el mejor de todos los equipos masculinos del Siglo 20, de acuerdo con la elección hecha por la FIVB y ciertamente, su espectacular registro de ocho coronas en la Liga Mundial, dos segundos lugares, un tercer puesto y dos cuartas ubicaciones, colocan a esta singular escuadra como el más exitoso en la historia de la Liga. 
Aunque el equipo tuvo un auspicioso inicio en las competencias internacionales, terminando tercero en el Campeonato Europeo de 1948 y octavo en el Campeonato Mundial de 1949, el país tuvo que esperar entonces por cuarenta años para una victoria significativa. El primer avance se vio en 1978 en el Campeonato Mundial celebrado en Roma cuando los italianos ganaron la medalla de plata, pero lo mejor estaba aún por llegar. Bajo la dirección técnica del argentino Julio Velasco, Italia dominó claramente el deporte en los años noventa, venciendo en el Campeonato Mundial de 1990 en Brasil, en el de Grecia 1994 y nuevamente, ahora con el nuevo técnico Bebeto de Brasil, fueron campeones en Japón 1998. Ningún otro equipo puede igualar este tremendo record en la historia del voleibol. Durante este espléndida era Italia también capturó la medalla de plata en los Juegos Olímpicos de Atlanta 1996 y la de bronce en Sydney 2000, bajo la tutela del técnico Andrea Anastasi. Igualmente desde 1989 Italia ha ganado cuatro veces el Campeonato Europeo, se adjudicó la Copa del Mundo en 1995 y la Copa de Campeones en 1993. Sin embargo, tras el cuarto lugar en la Liga Mundial del año pasado y el decepcionante quinto puesto en el Campeonato Mundial, un nuevo técnico, Gian Paolo Montali, fue designado para dirigir a los azules a reconquistar la gloria pasada. Montali desea enfocar en los Juegos Olímpicos de Atenas 2004, pero viendo su actitud ganadores, se espera que Italia pueda retomar el liderazgo durante la Liga Mundial 2003. Los italianos actualmente ocupan un inusual cuarto lugar en el ranking mundial de la FIVB, y enfrentarán a los campeones mundiales de Brasil, Portugal y Alemania en la Serie B de la Liga Mundial.