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World League 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Russia beat Brazil 3-1 (25-21, 25-23, 22-25, 25-17) - duration 1:47
18-Aug, start time: 11:30, end time: 13:17 - Attendance: 21,393
Powerful Russia takes first ever World League title
With coach Bernado Rezende urging calm from the sidelines the Brazilians started nervously against the powerful Russians who edged ahead in the opening phase. Brazil was on the court with all their superheroes and it was clear from the start that Giba (Glberto Godoy Fihlo) was in devastating form.
The Russians were from the first whistle a force to be reckoned with and Roman Iakovlev and Alexei Koulechov set a wall of defense that was often impossible for even the Brazilian maestros, with less muscle power at their disposal, to penetrate. A hug block by Andrei Egortchev at the 14-minute mark widened the gap for Russia to 17-13, prompting the nervous Rezende to pep talk his players.
The Brazilian block was ineffective against shots like Iakovlev's smash that took to Russians to a five point lead and three points from the first set victory. Brazil fended off one set point and drew back to 21 before the Russians closed out 25-21 in 22 minutes.
Russian setter Vadim Khamouttskikh providing excellent service to his teammates in the second set while the Brazilians slipped into a costly set of errors. Brazil took a brief lead at 12-11, but Pavel Abramov powered home a torpedo to break away again. Giba placed his shot cleanly on the Russian court and went on to edge back to 17-19 for Brazil, before Khamouttskikh in defense stopped them again. Brazil did manage to fight off one set point then their mistake presented the Russians with their second set 25-23.
The Boys from Brazil ran on rejuvenated in the vital fourth set and set up a slim early lead, but again muscle bulk and deadly accuracy by the Russians foiled the host team. Rezende reshuffled his men and the Brazilians took the lead at 20-17. Two service errors sent Rezende's blood pressure into the stratosphere before Brazilians found their way back into the match taking the third set 25-22.
Brazil ran up an early lead in the fourth, but their renaissance was too little too late and Russia went on to close out the title.