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World League 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Germany beat Cuba 3-2 (25-23, 17-25, 15-25, 25-19, 15-13) - duration 2:00
04-Aug, start time: 11:00, end time: 13:00 - Attendance: 5,427
Germany won a second time against Cuba 3:2 in Leipzig
1. set:
During the first set both teams were fighting hard without any big advantage for any of the teams. Two aces by Odelvis Dominico gave Cuba a 15:12 lead. Germany came up to 22:22 and with a block of Norbert Walter against Tomas Aldazabal with 24:23 ahead. The final point was made by Germany when Portuando Yasser could not successfully finish his attack.

2. set:
A yellow card for captain Stefan Huebner at the beginning of the second set brought the wrong emotion into the German team. Aldazabal additionally made three unreceptable services in a row and Cuba was leading 8:3. After 18:8 Germany came up to 18:13 but could not defend the winning of this set by Cuba.

Cuba made pressure on the German defense with good services. Especially Christian Pampel had difficulties, so Cuba quickly was leading with 8:3. Beside the block around capitain Allen Pavel Pimienta was like a wall. Lots of German attacks came back in the own field. So Cuba easily won the third set.

After clearly losing two sets in a row German coach Stelian Moculescu reacting. He brought Frank Dehne for Ilja Wiederschein, Michael Mayer for Marco Liefke and Sven Glinker for Christian Pampel. German quickly was leading 8:4 and supported by 5.400 spectators the German team hold this leading up to the end of the fourth set. Like yesterday the Tie-Break had to decide which team will win this match.

5. set:
Germany had a phantastic start at the beginning of the fifth set and was leading 4:0 after three successful block points of the best block player within World League 2002, Stefan Huebner. The fantastic spectators here in Leipzig supported their home team. So the German team did not leave the winning mood and even got third ranked in group C after Russia and the Netherlands.
This was not expected before hand.