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World League 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Argentina beat Portugal 3-0 (25-18, 25-20, 25-18) - duration 1:25
27-Jul, start time: 18:07, end time: 19:32 - Attendance: 9,400
Argentina stops its bad luck
At the beginning of the first set, both team played point to point. After the first technical time out, Argentina began attacking strongly and was able to defeat Portugal`s block.
Marcos Milinkovic and Gustavo Porporatto leaded Argentina scorer with 7 points and by Portugal side was Hugo Gaspar with 3 points.
The team coached by Gezelevich had a great team work, specially in attack and the great performance of Pablo Meana and Jorge Elgueta in reception gave them the lead. Argentina won the first set with 7 points of difference.
The locals began the second set concentrate, avoiding any non forced errors.
Milinkovic showed all his potential opening the scorer with 5 points in attack. Helping the Argentina`s captain, appeared Jorge Elgueta as a new option in the locals game. The Portuguese found a really strong team in front.
Argentina, also counted with the great scoring skills in reception of the libero Pablo Meana (83 % of success) and Jorge Elgueta (75 % of success). Argentina won the second set.
The third set began with a better performance of Argentinean`s setter, Hernan Ferraro and with many non forced errors of Portugal.
Argentina showed all its scoring skills thanks Jorge Elgueta and Marcos Milinkovic`s block. Portugal was not able to overcome its mistakes. They showed a solid game, specially in defense. The best scorer of the game was Milinkovic with 24 points.
"Our attitude was different that the matches we played in Europe. Now, we are able to dream with the finals", expressed Argentina's captain at the press conference. At his turn, Portugal 's coach , Marino Juan Diaz said :"Argentina had a great night and we did not have a good level because our lack of concentration Carlos Getzelevich, Argentina 's coach expressed: "It was an important victory and tomorrow we will try to play as today's level".
Argentina now dreams again to reach the finals of the World League Tournament that will be played in Brazil from August 12th to August 18th.