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World League 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Italy beat China 3-2 (25-27, 25-23, 18-25, 25-11, 15-8) - duration 1:50
28-Jun, start time: 19:30, end time: 21:20 - Attendance: 5,000
Italy beat China
The young Chinese team, spirited with the determination and aspiration to give a good performance in the World League, came out hard in the first set. With Captain Zheng Liang and Shi Hairong's timely block and successful spikes from Lu Fei, they took the lead before the first and second time-out(16:15). The Italian team hit 5 sets straight outside the bounds, giving the Chinese team the chance to quicken the rhythm, ending up the set with 27:25.
In the second set, Italy led the first two time-out (16:13) with the height of the two blockers, Zlatanov Hristo and Fei Alessandro. But a straight hit to the net gave China the chance to counterattack. Lu Fei continued to show his forceful spikes gaining two points for China and led China to a very close follow with Italy. But a untimely error in service by China gave the set point to Italy(24:23) and lost the set on 25:23.
With the quick combination of reception and spikes, China ended the first time-out of the third set by 8:6. Then with Lu Fei and Shi Hairong's clever and powerful spikes, China knocked down some points and took 16:13 before the second time-out. Getting greatly excited and with Italy's 2 service errors, China resisted Italy's hard spikes and presented beautiful cooperation in setting and spiking, giving the set an early end at 25:18.
In the fourth set, relying on Hristo's quick spikes and Alessandro's blocks, Italy took the first time-out with 8:3. Luigi and Alessandro's timely blocks thwarted China's attacking efforts and the straight 14 points brought Italy to the set point. One more spike from Italy ended the set with 25: 11.
Italy strenthened its attack in the final set behind the hard spiking Luigi and won the set and match with 15:8.


The wheels came off the cart for China in the third set as Italy continued its forceful attack with the