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Final Rounds

Finals / 18 August

Semifinals / 17 August

Gold Medal : Brazil vs. Russia Brazil vs. Yugoslavia
Bronze Medal : Yugoslavia vs. Italy Italy vs. Russia
Awarding Ceremony

Pool E / 13-15 August

Pool F / 13-15 August

Brazil vs. Spain Italy vs. France
Russia vs. Netherlands Yugoslavia vs. Poland
Brazil vs. Netherlands Italy vs. Poland
Russia vs. Spain Yugoslavia vs. France
Brazil vs. Russia Yugoslavia vs. Italy
Netherlands vs. Spain   France vs. Poland
Intercontinental Rounds

Week 1 / 27-30 June

Week 2 / 5-7 July

1st match 2nd Match 1st match 2nd Match
Russia vs. Cuba Russia vs. Cuba Russia vs Germany
China vs. Italy China vs. Italy Netherlands vs Cuba Netherlands vs Cuba
Portugal vs. Poland Portugal vs. Poland Italy vs. Venezuela Italy vs. Venezuela
Spain vs. Venezuela Yugoslavia vs. Greece Yugoslavia vs. Greece
Germany vs. Netherlands Japan vs France Japan vs France
France vs. Yugoslavia     Spain vs China Spain vs China
Greece vs. Japan     Portugal vs. Brazil Portugal vs. Brazil
      Argentina vs. Poland Argentina vs. Poland

Week 3 / 12-14 July

Week 4 / 19-21 July

1st match 2nd Match 1st match 2nd Match
Brazil vs. Poland Brazil vs. Poland   Brazil vs. Portugal Brazil vs. Portugal
Italy vs. China Italy vs. China   Venezuela vs. Italy Venezuela vs. Italy
Venezuela vs. Spain     Poland vs. Argentina Poland vs. Argentina
Netherlands vs. Russia Netherlands vs. Russia   France vs. Japan France vs. Japan
Cuba vs Germany Cuba vs Germany   Netherlands vs. Germany Netherlands vs. Germany
Greece vs. France Greece vs. France   Cuba vs Russia Cuba vs Russia
Portugal vs. Argentina Portugal vs. Argentina   China vs. Spain China vs. Spain
Yugoslavia vs. Japan Yugoslavia vs. Japan   Greece vs.Yugoslavia Greece vs.Yugoslavia

Week 5 / 26-28 July

Week 6 / 2-4 August

1st match 2nd Match 1st match 2nd Match
France vs. Greece France vs. Greece   Russia vs Netherlands Russia vs Netherlands
Poland vs. Brazil Poland vs. Brazil   Venezuela vs. China Venezuela vs. China
Cuba vs Netherlands Cuba vs Netherlands   Poland vs. Portugal Poland vs. Portugal
Spain vs. Italy Spain vs. Italy   Yugoslavia vs. France Yugoslavia vs. France
Germany vs. Russia Germany vs. Russia   Italy vs. Spain Italy vs. Spain
Japan vs Yugoslavia Japan vs Yugoslavia   Argentina vs. Brazil Argentina vs. Brazil
Argentina vs. Portugal Argentina vs. Portugal   Japan vs Greece Japan vs Greece
China vs. Venezuela China vs. Venezuela   Germany vs. Cuba Germany vs. Cuba