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China could not cope with other Asian teams' fast-paced game, says coach Yu Juemin

Thailand took 3-1 win against China

Macau, China, August 25, 2011 - China vs Thailand press conference

China captain Wei Qiuyue: “In today’s match the Thailand team were better than us psychologically and performed better in all aspects of the game. For us there was a big gap in our performance, especially at the beginning of the match. We were nervous and could not perform to our ability. We improved in the third set, but the Thailand team continued to play well and we were passive with our play. This match is very good learning experience for us.”

Thailand captain Wilavan Apinyapong: “It was actually very hard to score points against China, and we had to utilize our best techniques to get the points. We are happy with the win, and good luck to China in the next match.”

China head coach Yu Juemin: “Our team put in the best effort, but there are deficiencies with our techniques when facing the fast-paced game of other Asian teams, as shown in our previous match against Japan and in today’s match against Thailand. We could not find our rhythm in attack and defense. We need to make serious assessments and corrections as soon as possible.”

Thailand head coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai: “I really appreciate the efforts of my players, they did a good job. Today it is important for our team to learn from this match. We found out what works for our team, but we also found out there are shortcomings in our game. We made many errors especially in the third set, but our team managed to turn things around and succeed in the fourth set.”


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