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FIVB World Grand Prix 2007
Press Conference
Kazakhstan take confidence from first Grand Prix win

Dominican captain Cosiri Rodriguez at the post-match press conference

Tokyo, August 5, 2007: Comments from the official press conference after the Kazakhstan-Dominican Republic match on Sunday.




Head Coach Evgeny Sivkov: We prepared a lot for this match because the organizers have done so much for us and we wanted to show good play for the Japanese audience who have supported us. We will be playing against stronger teams from now on, but today’s victory was our first in the Grand Prix and means a lot for the team. When the score was 2-0 we should have won the next set, but we started to make silly mistakes. The team was not really playing as a team. But in the fifth set we could play as one.


Captain Yelena Pavlova: Today’s match was very difficult because the level of both teams is about the same. This is the first victory for Kazakhstan in the Grand Prix so I am very happy about this result. It was a great match, so I would like to thank Dominica as well.


Dominican Republic


Head Coach Beato Cruz: Today’s match was a difficult match. Our players were not in their best condition, which led to the victory for the Kazakhstan team.


Captain Cosiri Rodriguez: Today’s game was very difficult, and a number of our mistakes contributed to Kazakhstan’s win.