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FIVB World Grand Prix 2007
Press Conference
Cubans serve up too many problems

Kazakhstan head coach Evgeny Sivkov addresses the press conference

Tokyo, August 4, 2007: Comments from the official press conference after the Cuba-Kazakhstan game on Saturday.




Head Coach Antonio Perdomo: Our service functioned very well to upset the defence of the Kazakhstan team. In the meantime, our defence was very good, especially our blocking. For Beijing, we have to improve all the skills, service, reception and defence.


Captain Yumillka Ruiz: It was the first time we have played Kazakhstan and we played a good game.


Rosir Calderon: Kazakhstan was a new team for Cuba but I felt we played very well.


Nancy Carrillo: It was very hard to have a game with Kazakhstan but the Cuba team was able to play well, especially the service and block were very good.




Head Coach Evgeny Sivkov: Today’s match was against one of the top teams in the world. We could not perform the tactics we had planned against the Cuban team. Today’s match was a total defeat. For our team, our first step is to qualify for the Olympics and to do that we must work on our service, block and passes.


Captain Yelena Pavlova: Cuba was much stronger than us, and we could not work out how to deal with them in our team. Our team work was not good, so it was very difficult to play.