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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
China serve better, Poland commit errors in receiving

China captain Feng Kun: We were better in blocking and serving today than yesterday's match. I hope that we could play ever better tomorrow against Cuba.

China coach Chen Zhonghe: Poland are a good team. The first set was heatedly contested. We got into form gradually in the following sets. We did well in serving today.

Poland captain Przybysz Aleksandra: We had a few faults at the closing stage of the first set.  After that, China was superior in court. They deserved the win.

Poland assistant coach Ireneusz Klos: It's diffciclut to say anything about the match. The first set was a nice game for both the spectators and us, but the other two sets were not good volleyball games .  We made a lot of mistakes in receiving. Due to this, it's difficult to play away from the net.