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Metcalf tops Best Scorer rankings for Preliminary Round

Lausanne, Switzerland July 11, 2005 – Her team may have missed the 2005 World Grand Prix Final Round for the first time since 2002 but 26-year-old Nancy Metcalf led all the way to finish the Preliminary Round as Best Scorer with a massive 187 points – 62 better than the next best, Cuba’s Cornelia Dumler and Katarzyna Skowronska from Poland.

USA finished in eighth position during the Preliminary Round but still managed to have the fourth best offensive record, obviously courtesy of the left handed Metcalf who scored an incredible 159 points on the spike, 24 from the block and four aces. The 100+ cap veteran was by far and away the backbone of USA’s attack with the next Best Scorer being Elisabeth Bachman with 87 points.
Pic: Nancy Metcalf on attack with her lethal left handed spike
In the other Best Player categories, Cuba’s Yumilka Ruiz was the Best Spiker with an outstanding success rate of 60% while her team mate Nancy Carrillo de la Paz was the Best Server with an astonishing 21 aces. Brazil’s Caroline Gattaz finished as the Best Blocker with an average of 1.09 successful blocks per set while Kerstin Tzscherlich from Germany was the Best Digger with an average of 3.7 per set. Not surprisingly, arguably the world’s best setter, Kun Feng from China, topped the Best Setter rankings while her team mate Suhong Zhou was the Best Receiver with an 84.02% efficiency rate.