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Match Descriptive

Thailand beat Canada 3-1 (28-26, 25-18, 20-25, 25-22) - duration 2.00
26-Jul, start time: 15.07, end time: 17.07 - Attendance: 250
Match played in draw, Thailand wins against Canada
The competition is balanced in the 1st set; the teams played an easy but concrete game, alternating themselves in the lead of the score, drawing till the end of the set. The Thais needed of 3 set- balls before getting their first partial. Canada tried to react in the 2nd set, but the Thais kept the pace and controlled the actions of the adversaries. The Asians held a few advantage and managed to lengthen over the Canadians. In the final phase Thailand gained the control of their action and won the 2nd set too, with + 7 points. More engaged Canada to gain a partial result with an advantage of + 6 (10-4), controlling Thailand's reaction and winning the 3rd set. In the 4th set Thailand and Canada proved to play a similar game. More determined appeared Thailand which showed a better and accurate attack.