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Russia beat China 3-1 (25-23, 21-25, 25-19, 28-26) - duration 1.43
26-Jul, start time: 18.07, end time: 19.50 - Attendance: 300
Russia beats China
The key-word of the Russia-China match was the block. In fact, both the central players of the "Don" and the Asian ones put themselves in a good evidence and then the final score: 16 blocks of the Russian players and 10 of the Chinese ones show the battle was based on blocks. All this came out in a clear way, especially when the setters "charged" their attackers up, that most of the time ended up with being victims of the centre or of the defence. The match, won by Russia 3-1, lived the best prologue during the fourth set, when the girls of Karpol from one side and the Xu Li ones from the other one never wanted to give up. All the experience and the strength of Artamanove and her mates were fundamental to win the match: 28-26.