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Match Descriptive

U.S.A. beat Germany 3-1 (25-21, 25-20, 17-25, 33-31) - duration 1.53
25-Jul, start time: 18.07, end time: 20.00 - Attendance: 470
Usa stays unbeatible
USA beating 3-1 Germany gained the win in the Pool A with a day in anticipation. The deputy World champions played a surely positive game, even if their coach Yoshida preferred making the players turn in the field. To Germany it was important to manage to gain a partial set at least, to keep alive the possibilities to arrive to the final phase, that is going to played tomorrow against Netherlands, which is practically on a direct elimination.
The fourth set was very funny and amazing, it lasted 34 minutes and it ended with the USA win 33-31, it was a set that the spectators of Gioia del Colle participated in supporting both the teams and clapping their hands while they were satisfied for the show on the field.