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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Russia beat U.S.A. 3-2 (25-18, 26-24, 24-26, 23-25, 15-7) - duration 1:59
28-Jul, start time: 18:00, end time: 19:59 - Attendance: 6,000
RUS beat USA, 3:2, with superior attacking
USA couldn't effectively break through the "WALL" RUS created. But with better defense, USA took points are after another. However, this pace was not quick enough for USA to catch up. RUS kept on with their superior attacking and blocking, and led the set to end.
After being taken 2 sets by RUS, USA reorganized them and took leading the 3rd set. But soon, RUS improved their serving and increased their speed with No.9, Tichtchenko's speedy attacks. Both team then took point in turn, scores became even. USA grasped the chance when RUS made a mistake and then won the 3rd set with very minor leading 2 points. USA continued to improve their serving in order to disturb Russia's 1st passing. This strategy indeed affected RUS a lot and made USA get familiar to the "2nd Floor" attacks because that was the only way RUS could do under bad 1st passing. RUS kept firming up their attacks against USA and led the deciding set because USA couldn't receive balls very well in order to organize attacks. RUS then won the last match in Miaoli Venue.