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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

China beat Brazil 3-1 (25-23, 25-21, 19-25, 25-18) - duration 1:37
28-Jul, start time: 15:30, end time: 17:07 - Attendance: 5,000
CHN gained another 1st honor in Macao after getting the victory over BRA
Competitive rallies occurred already in the beginning of the 1st set, with BRA taking the 1st technical time out at 8:6. The Chinese players then showed their various techniques in order to control the play, taking the 2nd technical time out back at 16:15. Continued to be the key player of CHN, Zhao Ruirui grasped several key points to take the lead. But BRA's determination was so strong that they took back the lead at 22:21. With Yang Hao's jump serve point and her teammates' brilliant block point, CHN took the 1st set at 25:23.

Entering into the 2nd set, still none of the teams could dominate the other. BRA took the 1st technical time out at 8:6. After that, with Welissa Sassa's accurate powerful attack and her teammate's back row spike, BRA led the set into the 2nd technical time out at 16:12. The coach of CHN then put the substituted setter Song Nina and the experienced player Wu Yongmei, hoping to change the rhythm of the game as well to stabilize the team. His strategy did work, which forced BRA to call time out at 21:23. With a beautiful wing spike point of Zhou Suhong, CHN grasped the 2nd set at 25:21, with quite significant stress from the opponent.

BRA continued to put pressure on CHN in the beginning of the 3rd set, forcing CHN to call time out at 11:13. The hard work of BRA enable them to keep the margin on the score at 20:17. Although several substitutes went out, CHN still could not shorten the gap. With 2 crucial block points, BRA took back the 3rd set at 25:19.

CHN recalled their attention in the 4th set, and started with the main players, to take the 1st technical time out at 8:6. Making use of their full tactics and height difference over BRA, CHN took the lead at 14:8 and gained the 2nd technical time out at 16:10. Maintaining the margin of the score, CHN eventually gained the second 1st honor in Macao pool with the match point contributed by Liu Yanan's center spike point. CHN took the 4th set at 25:18.