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World Grand Prix 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

China beat Germany 3-0 (25-23, 26-24, 25-21) - duration 1:16
26-Jul, start time: 20:30, end time: 21:46 - Attendance: 4,041
CHN defeated GER by means of their well-performed tactics
With two consecutive block points and one serve point, GER took a 3:0 lead in the beginning of the 1st set. CHN players seemed cannot fully concentrate on the game that they committed several errors, both on serve and spikes. GER took the 1st technical time out at 8:5. After that, CHN strengthen their defense to get back the rhythm, especially contributed by the tall player, Zhao Ruirui. The varied tactics of CHN was so effective which forced GER to call time out at 12:14. The mind of GER was also strong enough to chase after CHN, though their tactics mainly composed of open spikes and tight blocks. CHN, however, could maintain their pace to get the first set at 25:23, by the popular attacker Yang Hao's open spike point.

In the 2nd set, both teams could use their attacks well, which lead to consecutive competitive rallies till CHN took the first technical time out at 8:6. Due to the crucial player of GER, Gruen's brilliant right side spike and strong jump serve point, the spirit of GER was speeded up, leading them to gain the first ahead over CHN at 16:14, 2nd technical time out. Then the climax appeared with both teams' high level performance. The score tied at 19:19. Zhao Rui Rui got a serve point and her teammate got another block point. Nevertheless, GER fought back to 21:22. A spike error of CHN gave the chance to GER to tie the score at 24:24. CHN proved her stability during pressure and took the set at 26:24.

CHN continued to dominate the 3rd set, leading to the first time out by GER at 6:2. But GER did not loose any pace and instead, pay more attention on the game. The setter, Doemeland, of GER made use of the more well-behaved attackers, actively took important rallies. The coach of CHN, Chen Zhonghe, noticed the pressure from GER and called the attention of his players to strengthen their strategies. Eventually CHN took the lead at 24:20, after a brilliant block point, and got their first victory in Macau pool by finishing the 3rd set at 25:21.