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World Grand Prix 2002 - Competition Formula
Preliminary rounds
July 12 to July 28, 2002 - various cities

8 Teams









3 rounds for each team (3 weekends)

 = 3 matches each weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
 = 9 matches for each team
 = total of 36 matches for the Preliminary phase
Classification of Teams

Classification in the preliminary rounds is decided by the number of points gained by teams participating in the same group in a given host city.

The classification in the general ranking of the preliminary rounds of the 2002  WGP is decided by the total number of World Grand Prix Points (GPP) gained by the teams in the preliminary matches.

The following points will be gained by each team :

- Match won 2 World Grand Prix Points
- Match lost 1 World Grand Prix Point
- Match forfeited 0 World Grand Prix Points

In the case of an equal number of points being gained by two or more teams, the FIVB General Regulations, article 8.3 (set quotient), shall apply.

For the final round, China, plus the top 3 teams after the preliminary round will qualify.

Final round
August 1 to August 4 in Hong Kong 

Prize money
The total Prize Money for the WGP 2002 is US$ 1,040,000
Preliminary rounds: US$ 600,000
Final Round: US$ 400,000
Players Awards: US$ 40,000

Final round
Prize Money following the final ranking
1st place 200,000   
2nd place 100,000   
3rd place 60,000   
4th place 40,000   
= 400,000
Individual awards
Best spiker 5,000  
Best  blocker 5,000  
Best server 5,000  
Best libero 5,000  
MVP 20,000 = 40,000
What is the World Grand Prix? 

The World Grand Prix was created by FIVB in 1993 as a professional women’s sporting entertainment concept for spectators to watch live and on television. 

This annual competition continues to break new ground for women’s world sport providing opportunities for the world’s best national women’s teams to compete for the highest levels of prize money ever allocated in a women’s team sports event. 

The 2002 season features US$1 Million in prize money. 

Host TV Broadcasters from Southeast Asia and Japan guarantee quality coverage. TBS Japan, 7 South East Asian Host Broadcasters including: Thai TV Color Channel 3, TVB Hong Kong, CCTV Sports China, TDM Macau, and international broadcasters such as TV Globo take an active role in broadcasting.

The number of TV viewers that watch the Grand Prix matches every year is in the millions.


Specific Rules

Points awarded per match to each team
match won:
match lost:
match forfeited:
2 points
1 point
0 point
In the case of a tie
(Rankings of Preliminary and Final)
Set quotient: in the case of equality in the number of points gained by two or several teams, the teams will be classified by the quotient resulting from: number of total sets won / number of total sets lost.

Points quotient: if a tie persists as per the set quotient, the teams will be classified by the quotient resulting from: total points scored / total points lost (during all sets).
Time-out system
In sets 1-4: All time-outs are for 60 seconds.
- Each team may request up to 2 time-outs per set.
- 2 additional "technical time-outs" are applied automatically when the leading team reaches the 8th and 16th points.

In the deciding (5th) set: All time-outs are for 30 seconds
- There are no "technical time-outs".
- 2 regular time-outs of 30 seconds duration may be requested by each team.