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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Peru has unique style: Perdomo

Press Conference Cuba vs. Peru

Cuban Coach Antonio Perdomo
It was a difficult match for us. Peru plays with a unique style with a good strategy on serving and blocking, so we had to use a different style ourselves to counter this. In the first set, they played better than us and we almost lost the set, but as the match wore on, we got into a rhythm and that helped us to win.
In the third set, we took advantage of the chances we got.
(Re using young players and players from the bench) -- We obviously want to give players with less experience some chance to participate in competition. Some of our players are not in the best of condition and there is still half of the competition left for us, so we want to give a break to those we can, so that's another reason why we switched some of the players around today.

Cuban Captain Yumilka Ruiz
We often play against Peru and they are always difficult to play against and they are improving, so I am pleased with today's win. From now on, we must hope we continue to win and end up with a good result in the competition.


Peru Coach Enio De Figueiredo
Obviously this was an important game for Peru, but it was also an important game within the team for us to get an idea of how things are going. Today, we had to use players in positions that they are not used to and they did as well as they could. Cuba is an excellent team and even though they had arduous preparation and travel like us, they keep improving as the competition goes on. Their offense is very strong. Today, if we had won the first set, we would have been in a good position to move ahead and do better, but that wasn't the case, so from now on it's important to look ahead to the remaining games and obviously we want to win them.

Peru Captain Leyla Chihuan
Congratulations to the Cuban team on their victory. I feel we started out the way we wanted to play and we thought we had a chance to win the match at one stage, but in face of this strong Cuban team we were unable to take advantage of the opportunities we got. The first set went well, but in the second and third sets our game went downhill. We need to take this result as an experience and keep on improving our form in upcoming games and do the best we can.
(Re. injury) -- I almost fell at one point and twisted my ankle a bit. It's not painful now, so I think it's nothing really big and I should be able to train from tomorrow.