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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Bonitta praises Kenyans

Press Conference Poland vs. Kenya

Poland Coach Marco Bonitta
First, the reason we had some players resting was because it's a long competition and they need to rest and restore their energy. I would like to congratulate the Kenyan team who are facing a hard situation but continue to show great passion for vollyeball and are able to keep their concentration and enthusiasm when they are playing in a game. I think this is fantastic. Today, I didn't give my team any different instructions than usual; I just told them to do their best. Everything else, they should already know.
(Re. Kenyan player Dorcas Ndasaba) -- She played well and in general she is a good player, especially her strength and attacks, and her spikes are very aggressive.

Poland Captain Milena Rosner
I think it was quite an easy match for us but I want to congratulate the ambition of the Kenya team.


Kenya Coach Sammy Kirongo
What I can say is that Poland is, of course, a country that is strong in volleyball, and technically they were better than our side. We are learning more and more from this championship. But it has been very disappointing for me and the coaches because you are supposed to improve, but in all departments today we were down. Sometimes we go up and sometimes we are down, but we will continue planning matches against the other teams and try to improve our side.

Kenya Captain Catherine Wanjiru
In today's match, we performed poorer than we expected; we thought we could take at least one set from Poland.
(Re. only scoring 2 points today) -- I have to improve on my jump.