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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Many tough matches ahead: Lang Ping

Press Conference USA vs. Kenya

USA Coach Lang Ping
Before the match, I told my players we had to concentrate on winning, improving our skills and also we need to improve our teamwork. Today, we started out strong, but in the second set Kenya played great volleyabll with some very good blocking and defensive play -- and some great swings. Winning is important, but we also need to improve our skills. We still have seven matches to go and the way is still pretty difficult and there will be a lot of tough matches waiting for us. We need to be patient and take each one as it comes.
(Re. Brazil) -- I think Brazil is a team with no weaknesses. All the skills are there and they play very well. So, we have to play perfectly as well to have a chance. I think the players must concentrate on both sides. They don't just have two outside hitters; they have five hitters. Everyone can hit strongly. It will be a tough match and we haven't beaten them for three years so it's a big challenge for us.

USA No. 9 Jennifer Joines
I think our team played well together. It was a fun match. I think we look at every single match as something we want to approach aggressively and communicate together and play as well as possible. I think we did well today.

USA No. 3 Tayyiba Haneef-Park
I think today in the first and third sets we played very well. We were aggressive and had a lot of energy, and we were able to serve and pass well. During the second set, we struggled as Kenya got a lot of blocks in and we weren't ready for them. Also, their receiving was good today. I think they played very, very well today. They deserve a big round of applause.
(Re. height and her role in the team) -- I think we play a lot of good teams with good serves and blocking, and I think in times when we struggle, as an outside hitter one of my jobs is to hit over the blocks. We will have to face that  against Brazil, like we did against Poland and my job is to make a good play out of something that isn't a perfect pass.


Kenya Coach Sammy Kirongo
As I said before, in a big championship like this, we are learning a lot. Even when it goes like this, we are learning from the matches. Today against the USA, we discussed things again and tried to play a good game. Still, we are behind in some things, but as we continue playing matches we are going to do some better reception and blocking and improve in all departments of vollyeball. Lastly, about the height and strength of the players, we don't have that power like other teams and we are learning how to deal with it. I will talk to coaches from different countries and see what they are doing with their players so we can do better.
(Re. team spirit) -- In a competition you are supposed to continue playing as required. For the team to play well we must do a lot of things. Today was an interesting match and we will continue playing and putting things right so I hope things will be OK like today, and even more than today.

Kenya Captain Catherine Wanjiru
In today's match my team received better than in other games. What beat us today was net defense and our attack. I hope we are going to work on that.
(Re. advice as captain to team) -- I have to tell them to fight on and to put more effort into their next matches.