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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Thai coach hails Japan setter Takeshita

Osaka, Japan, November 6, 2007: Comments from the official FIVB press conference after the Japan-Thailand game on Tuesday.
Head Coach Nataphon Srisamutnak: In the first and second sets we played not bad, but Japan had a very good defence. That caused us a big problem, especially their setter. She played perfectly, and changed bad balls into good balls for their counter-attacks. No matter what we did in attack they could defend against it.
Captain Wilavan Apinyapong: We tried our best but had many mistakes, mistakes on simple balls that we should not make. This was our biggest problem. Japan did not make these mistakes and you can see what happened in the result.
Head Coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: Of course we have to see the overall picture of the World Cup, but it is also important to look at each game and focus. Analyzing each game and thinking about how we should play is very important. Because we lost the game with Serbia in Tokyo we had to think about how we should play and what we should do in Osaka. The next big focus will be the game with Italy tomorrow, so today’s game was important preparation for that. We had to be careful for today’s game. I was with the players at training this morning and as I watched them I went through today’s game and I started to see the way we should be from now on.
Captain Yoshie Takeshita: In terms of focusing on each game, I thought today’s game was also important. I was trying to give a better set and use the centre players more effectively, and how to build the game around our formation. Araki did a very good job and scored some points, so that worked well. We will face Italy tomorrow, another strong team, so we have to do better defence and be prepared for that.
Megumi Kurihara: Because we lost the game with Serbia in Tokyo, and that was a bitter loss, I really wanted to play better today. I have to maintain that against Italy tomorrow.
Erika Araki: Today’s game was important after the loss to Serbia, so I was determined to play my best. My blocking was not at its best so I want to fix that for the Italy game.