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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Match Description
Brazil top Peru in three sets

Walewska Oliveira gets a ride from teammate Fabi after the win over Peru.
Sendai, Japan, November 6, 2007 -- Brazil continued their unbeaten run with their fourth straight victory in the World Cup on Tuesday, a routine 25-17, 25-15, 25-17 win over Peru.
According to form, Brazil should have been on top from the off, but in the opening exchanges, the Brazilians failed to dominate the opposition and allowed Peru to not only stay with them at the first technical timeout, but actually lead 8-7. But it didn't stay that way for long. Blocks by Fabiana Claudinho and Paula Pequeno put Brazil ahead by two and a big spike by Paula extended it to three points. Sheilla Castro and Walewska Oliveira also showed their strength and Paula added two spikes to help the Brazilians to a 16-12 lead at the second technical timeout. The Peruvians also made errors. Vanessa Palacios was unable to handle a serve by Walewska at 23-16 and a long serve by Mirtha Uribe handed Brazil the first set.
Both teams raised their level of play at the start of the second set with Brazil's Paula delivering two mega-blows as the Brazilians took a three-point lead. Peru were defending well but under the pressure of the Brazilians, they were still finding it hard to make much headway. The Brazilians were finding winners from a variety of sources, while the Peruvians had less variation. Jaqueline Carvalho delivered a couple of mammoth spikes, while Walewska contributed a nice spike and a block. Substitute Thaisa Menezes came on to deliver the telling blows -- a spike and a block on Milagros Moy.
Jaqueline's power serves -- including two aces -- helped Brazil to a 4-0 lead in the third set and she was supported by spikes from Paula and Walewska. Fabiana then showed what she can do -- with a huge spike and a great block on Peru's Carla Tristan -- as Brazil took a six-point lead at 12-6. Peru's Leyla Chihuan responded with two decent spikes and if the fans thought there was a sense of inevitability about the match, Peru insisted on going down fighting. Time and again they came up with big defensive plays, but the force that is Brazil still proved overwhelming. As the match drew to a close, Fabiana came up with two tipovers, while Paula and Welissa Gonzaga opted for massive power. Gonzaga thumped a huge spike to bring matchpoint and Menezes ended the match with a strong block on Uribe.