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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Azerbaijan v Puerto Rico press conference

Faig Garayev, Azerbaijan head coach

"Today's game is our last game because we are eliminated from the competition.

"The Puerto Rico team is very dynamic. But it was not unusual for us to play the kind of game we played today.

"The game against China (in Sapporo) was also a good game though we lost.

"Overall, I'm not satisfied with the results in this tournament because I know we can do better than this.

"But we made a lot of errors and failures and some unfortanate events went against us.

"If our subsitute players can have more experience and play more internationally, then the Azerbaijan team in the future will be very strong."

Oksana Guliyeva, Azerbaijan captain

"It was our last game of the tournament so we were determined to win the game. All the players are in good condition and we played aggressively, especially in the first set. Our blocking and defence was good."

Juan Carlos Nunez, Puerto Rico head coach

"Azerbaijan is a strong time, especially in the first set. We started very well but things got worse and the game got away from us.

"They blocked our attacks very well and our defence didn't really work.

"This tournament has finished for us. We couldn't do well in the second round but we have learned many lessons and would like to make use of what we learned for our future games."

Aurea Cruz, Puerto Rico captain

"For today's game, we prepared mentally and we wanted to come out strong and take a victory back home that we worked hard for. But it was not to be.

"We had a very good first set but like this whole tournment we committed errors. Now we have to prepare ourselves for tournaments next year that are coming up and congratulations to the Azerbaijan team."