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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Russia coach happy despite loss to Brazil


Head coach Giovanni Caprara: I think the result today is very good for my team because every time we play Brazil, we always play better. Playing games is always much better than watching the team on video. I hope next time we can play a much better game. If we don't get to play them again this year, it will be disappointing, because we learn so much when we play against them. I think they are the best team in the world at this moment.
(Re. injury to Lioubov Shashkova): We are trying to get her to play in the semifinal, because she is very important for our team.

Captain Natalia Safronova: Today's game was a really tough four-set match. We worked as hard as possible but we made many mistakes.
(Re. semifinals). Our eventual goal in this tournament was to reach the final.
(Re. learning from Brazil): We learned that we need to reduce our errors as much as possible and improve all our skills -- receiving, spiking, everything.


Head coach Ze Roberto: It was a good game for us today. When we go up against Russia, it's always a good opportunity for us to learn a lot of things. We play better than usual when we face Russia. They have special skills that other countries don't have. They play like a men's team with a lot of height. The ball comes at you differently, the timing for blocking is different and other things.
But today we played Russia without Sakalova (Shashkova), who is the best player in the world. It's different. It's easy. If the Russian team plays with everybody, it's another match. I don't believe Brazil is the best team in the world. Sakalova is very important for the Russian team.

Captain Fofao: It was a really difficult game, but in the end, we were able to win after fighting very hard. It was a very important game today and we were happy to win it. Sometimes today we were able to serve well, but things didn't always go as we wanted them to.

Sheilla Castro: My shoulder is fine; I just taped it to protect it. Russia is a very tall team, so when we spike, we have to be careful not to face the blocking.