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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Italy coach thanks Japan for 'real' match

Paola Paggi of Italy is carried off
Head Coach Massimo Barbolini: First of all I want to congratulate my players for winning this second round, and congratulate the Serbia team that will go with us for the Final Four in Osaka. We needed to play a real match before this Final Four and this evening was a real match. In the first and second sets we played point for point with Japan and it was a long time before this situation changed. At the end we have won playing a real match.
Captain Simona Rinieri-Dennis: From the beginning we knew that this was going to be a difficult game because Japan is getting better and better, so I kept in mind that we must not lose many points. After the break at the end of the second set I made sure again that we were very careful. We had a great match technically, tactically and at an individual level, too.
Elisa Togut: We knew that Japan would play well and they did. They played very well and it was a good game for both teams. Italy was very concentrated. In the second set Japan played very well with good attacking, but we recovered later and as a whole played better.

Head Coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: We maintained our style but I feel our team looked to lack fighting spirit. For example in the latter half of the first set we could have stopped Italy's attacks, but it was in vain. We had some trouble dealing with the soft touch of the Italian spikers. The Italian team has much confidence and concentration and the players are highly motivated. They deserve to advance to the semi-finals.
Captain Yoshie Takeshita: It is hard to say anything after the game. All I want to say is just to play as hard as possible in Osaka.
Saori Kimura: I am really sorry for today's result. I want to do my best in Osaka.
Miyuki Takahashi: I am too confused to say anything after that loss. What is on my mind is to change our bad mood into a good one in Osaka.