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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
"This time we weren't experienced enough to hold our own against them."

Chinese Taipei captain Chen Shu Li said: "Towards the latter half of this competition, all the teams are powerful and tall. This time we weren't experienced enough to hold our own against them. It was a difficult game again, but we will learn from it."

Chinese Taipei coach Lin Kuang Hung said: "Today's game was tough for us. Our players don't have the experience of these kind of international games. But given the situation, my players did their best, although even playing their best it wasn't enough. Against European teams like Italy our blocking and service reception have to be better, but one thing I can say is that by playing games like this we will learn for the future.

Italy captain Simona Rinieri-Dennis said: "This was a very good game for us. It was at 11 o' clock in the morning, so that gave us a little bit to think about, but we managed to keep our pace right the way through the match."

Italy number 14 Eleonora Lo Bianco said: "From the beginning we played at our own pace, and especially in the first and third sets we picked up point after point and kept our focus. Our preparation today was very good, and we will have to repeat that tomorrow."

Italy coach Massimo Barbolini said: "I am really happy because we played a good match without letting our concentration slip. For us it was important to play this kind of match. It proves our strength."