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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
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Japan's homework pays off

Japan's coach coach Shoichi Yanagimoto
Head Coach Resat Yaziciogullari: I want to congratulate the Japan team for winning the match and also my players because they tried to do their best on the court. Tonight we are going to look at a video of the match because so many decisions we do not agree with. We trust and respect the referees, and we will see if we are right or wrong. We are looking at the video for ourselves, because it also happened against Serbia and Montenegro at the end of the set.
Captain Ozlem Ozcelik: We prepared very well for this game. Our purpose was to win all matches in the second round. We started the first set well, but could not convert some set points, and Japan used the advantage of being the host team.

Head Coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: We showed our potential at some critical points. When I replaced Ochiai with Oyama it was successful to change the mood. I give setter Takeshita credit for giving a chance for Oyama to do a back-court attack. Before the game we spent two hours analysing the game between Taipei and Turkey. We concluded that we should focus on Darnel's spiking. We were successful to receive her spikes.
Captain Yoshie Takeshita: It is important to win each game from now on, and to be united as a team for the next game. Compared with Cuba, today's blocking against Turkey was so effective, so we managed to receive the ball easily.
Sachiko Sugiyama: We never gave up in all the sets, and that is why we had a good result.