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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
"We played harder and won."

Serbia and Montenegro celebrate their seventh win of the tournament

Serbia and Montenegro captain Vesna Citakovic said: "I am very happy because we have won this game, and it is the seventh in a row. The Polish team fought hard, and they played well in their field game and with their blocking. However, after the second technical time out in each set, we played harder and won."

Serbia and Montenegro number 3 Ivana Djerisilo said: "I have to congratulate my team-mates for their exceptional fight, and this great victory over the European champions. This is a present for our libero, who has her birthday today. I'm sure we will continue to play as good as this until the semi-finals, and we hope maybe even the final."

Serbia and Montenegro coach Zoran Terzic said: "It is an extremely good feeling to beat a team such as Poland. Until recently we were looking to the Polish team as a team we wanted to be in terms of success and the way they play. I am extremely glad that we have reached the level where we can compete with every team in the world, and I am very satsified with the results. I am also very happy with the way the girls played."

Poland captain Joanna Mirek said: "It is very difficult to say anything after another lost match, and there is nothing I can add."

Poland coach Ireneusz Klos said: "We played a very bad match. A lot of our play was lacking, and we couldn't serve properly. We couldn't set the ball properly. We played well at times in the second set, but because we made more mistakes than they did, we lost it. In the third set the girls didn't believe that they could win any more. It is very difficult to stop a team like Serbia and Montenegro when they are having such a run of success. They are making less and less mistakes every match, and this makes it difficult for me to find a strategy to cope with it. We also still have a lot of problems, with things like injuries and health trouble."