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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Italy are straight back in the winning groove

Poland captain Joanna Mirek


Head Coach Massimo Barbolini: I am really happy because we restarted the second round like we finished the first round: winning. This is very important because when you are not playing for three days at a high level it can be a problem, but absolutely it was not a problem because we can win against a strong team like Poland. Now we can think about Korea.

Captain Simona Rinieri-Dennis: At the beginning we had some problems with reception, but after we improved that situation we played well, especially in attack, so after the first set there was not a lot of problems.

Sara Anzanello: At some moments we had a little bit of a problem with concentration at the beginning. But for me and the team I am very happy about the serve.


Head Coach Ireneusz Klos: The statistics show that we lost the match because our receiving was very bad. Our plan was to serve really well, but what happened was the other way round. We could not receive the ball properly. I am very sorry we could not win the second set.

Captain Joanna Mirek: It is very difficult to comment after such a bad match. What is important is we have to think positively about the coming matches, especially psychologically, so we can win the coming matches.