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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
"Maybe we were still half asleep."

Serbia and Montenegro captain Vesna Citakovic said: "It was really difficult to play against them, especially in the first set because it was the first time we have played an Asian team. But as the game went on we took control and attacked them with our serves, and they couldn't fight back. I think our win was deserved."

Serbia and Montenegro coach Zoran Terzic said: "I am more than pleased with today's result, but not about the way my team played for most of the match. I can't tell for sure whether it was because of the early start - maybe we were still half asleep. But definitely I am not happy about the way we played in defence."

Korea captain Kim Sa-Nee said: "It was the same problem that we had in Tokyo in the first round. We didn't keep our concentration at the end of each set, and we made a lot of mistakes when we were receiving serves. If we can keep our concentration we can play better. But Serbia and Montenegro played well, especially with their combinations."

Korea coach Kim Myeong-Soo said: "In order to play against European teams, who have height and power, we need to make the most of our speed. In today's game we didn't receive their serves very well. Also our player Kim Yeon-Koung hadn't properly recovered from injury. Every game she is a key player offensively and defensively, but today she hadn't quite recovered. I am very disappointed about today's game, and we have to vary our attacks."