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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Russia v Dominican Republic press conference

"We have a young team and if we had lost it may have affected them psychologically before we play in the second round."

Q: Are you concerned about needing four sets to win in four of your five pool matches?

"Actually, I wouldn't mind if I win all our games 3-2. This is a very young team, four of them have very little experience so it's quite normal for them to have some good days and some bad days."

Natalia Safronova, Russis captain

"This is our last match and I've said before that every match is important for us.

"We did not play very good volleyball in the second set but we achieved our main goal of qualifying for the second round (with an unbeaten record)."

Beato Miguel, Dominican Republic coach

"Russia is a very strong team and our players knew this before the match.

"We played with a lot of passion because we wanted to win but the Russians were just to strong in blocking and attacking close to the net.

"We are out of the competition but we hope to put into practice what we learned from our matches.

"I hope one of the teams from our pool goes on to win the world championship, maybe it could be Russia."

Cosiri Rodriguez, Dominican Republic captain

"It was a very difficult match for us, as expected, and there were some good things and some bad things in the way we played.

"I hope Russia can become the world champions. As for us, we would like to learn from this and prepare ourselves for the next tournament."