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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
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Japan coach looks ahead to Euro threat

Yoshie Takeshita of Japan
Head Coach Ireneusz Klos: I hope you liked the match. It was a very good match to watch, but it was not the result I expected. Once again on the very important points we could not keep our composure and there was not enough concentration and confidence. We are going to Nagoya so we will try to do our best and play much better than here.
Captain Joanna Mirek: We felt we would have a different result today, but it was not to be. We could not finish most of the attacks, so there is nothing left to be said, just to congratulate the opponent.
Natalia Bamber: When you play volleyball you fight to win, not to lose, and we entered the court hoping to win. But once again we lost to the Japanese team and hopefully we can do better in the next pool.
Head Coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: We have made our style of volleyball after playing against a lot of teams in this championship, and being tenacious is one of the keys to our play. I want to use what we have learned from today's match in the second round, because Poland have a lot of height and we will be playing against more European teams with physical advantages.
Miyuki Takahashi: We lost the first match of the first round but game by game we have found our rhythm. In the second round there are many difficult games, so in each game I will have to play my best.
Captain Yoshie Takeshita: I knew the Polish blocking system very well, so we used a lot of side attacks and Oyama's back court attacks.
Erika Araki: I made a lot of mistakes today and could not do well for the team, but the team gave me a lot of chances to attack. For the next round I will make fewer mistakes and will get a point at the important moment.