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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
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Germany v Azerbaijan press conference

Angelina(GER) with fans

Giovanni Guidetti, Germany head coach

"After our loss to Russia yesterday I told the team that I was very proud of them. And today I think you can see the reason why.

"Every time they played under pressure they played the best volleyball they can. They are a great group of players, there was great pressure on them and they showed great motivation and every part of their game was excellent.

"I have a lot of respect for Azerbaijan and if we won 3-0 against them it means we must have played very well.

"I have to thank the players because they played well."

Q: Are Italy really 3-0 better than Azerbaijan on paper?

"On paper, no, we are not 3-0 better but that was the result today. To beat them 3-0 you have to play perfect.

"There were times when we were not perfect and you saw Azerbaijan coming back."

Angelina Grun, Germany captain

"Today it was really important that we won the game. It started out quite good and although it was close at the end of the first set, we managed to win.

"We put pressure on their key players and didn't allow them to play their game and that was the reason we won."

Faig Garayev, Azerbaijan head coach

"I'd like to congratulate Germany, they played very well.

"What can I say about today's match? We started badly but at the end of the first set we put a lot of effort to make it close.

"We didn't block well and when you don't block well, you don't have any defence.

"All the sets Germany took an early lead and it was always difficult for us to catch up."

Oksana Guliyeva, Azerbaijan captain

"Today's match was very important for us but we started off badly and made too many mistakes in blocking and attacking."