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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
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Russia v China press conference

Russia's libero Kryuchkova celebrates the victory

Giovanni Caprara, Russia head coach

"I'm glad we could win this match because in the past couple of years, China would always beat us.

"But you can't talk about revenge (for losing the Olympic final in Athens) because that was an Olympic final and this was just a group match.

"We start off very badly and conceded two service aces and had three defensive mistakes before the first technical time-out.

"I think we were a bit nervous because we hadn't beaten China for a long time and this is normal.

"We had four players on the court who have not played together so much so it's not a surprise that we started off not so well.

"After losing the first set, we did not really change our tactics that much, it was more a case of paying more attention.

"China started to drop a bit and that also helped us with our victory."

Natalia Safronova, Russia captain

"We are happy with this victory and I think we should thank our coach because he supported us and helped us turn things around. We were good in both defence and attack."

Lioubov Shashkova, Russia player

"It was a very good match and it was a great result for us to beat a strong team like China. Our team is in good condition and I hope we can continue to play like this."

Cheng Zhonghe, China coach

"I think we prepared for this match quite well and it's a pity that we lost.

"In the first set we played very well and dictated the play. In the second set, we thought we would have more chances to attack but we hurried ourselves a bit and made some mistakes.

"In the third and fourth sets, the tide had already turned. Russia served very well and that put us under a lot of pressure.

"Also, tactically we didn't do very well. All our setting was high balls to the left and we were not able to make quick sets.

"On the other hand, Russia played very calmly."

Feng Kun, China captain

"We played pretty well in the first set and basically were able to play how we wanted to.

"Russia started to put pressure on us after that and we did not do well when it came to receiving serve."