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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
"I don't think that after two games you can become a world champion."

Serbia and Montenegro celebrate another victory

Serbia and Montenegro coach Zoran Terzic said: "First of all I would like to congratulate Cuba for the good game they played. We knew that only Costa Rica were ranked below us in this tournament, but nevertheless we were convinced that this was not a real picture of the situation. We are glad that we showed that against such good quality teams as Italy and Cuba.

Serbia and Montenegro captain Vesna Citakovic said: "I don't think that after two games you can become a world champion. I am glad that we came into this game with huge motivation, and that we managed to win it. We played well today."

Cuba coach Felipe Calderon said: "Serbia and Montenegro are an excellent team. They were good at controlling their emotions and feelings on the court, and kept their feet on the ground until the end. I think that was the key to their victory."

Cuba captain Yumilka Ruiz said: "It was an interesting game today. The Serbian team took their chances when we made mistakes."

Cuba number 12 Rosir Calderon said: "All the teams at this championship are strong. Today I am very sorry but I am going to play my best for the following games."