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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
China v Dominican Republic press conference

Chen Zhonghe, China head coach

"The Dominican Republic is a team that is on the rise. They were strong in their hits, serves and jumping and showed great ability as a team.

"We have prepared for this match very well and in the first and second sets, we played a very fast game and used many variations in attack.

"Wang Yimei served very well and she had a good streak going and we won a lot of consecutive points on her serve. On the other hand, I was disappointed in our failure to make the most of some easy balls."

Feng Kun, China captain

"This was our second win and I felt we played well but at certain times things were not as smooth as they could have been. Hopefully we can improve on those things in our next match."

Wang Yimei, China player

"We didn't really do very well when it came to receiving the ball but we were strong past the three-metre line and in our blocking."

Beato Miguel, Dominican Republic head coach

"We thought before the match that it would be very difficult for us but we also felt that we could play better than we did against Germany (lost 3-0).

"China is very good at quick attacks and our blocking was not really our strong point in this match.

"We had a problem early on because our setter (Juana Gonzalez) had to leave the court because of an injured finger. It was a big challenge for us to see how we could develop our play.

"We tried our best and we learned a lot about ourselves. Hopefully, we can use what we learned for the next match."

Cosiri Rodriguez, Dominican Republic captain

"It was a lot more difficult that we expected. Our team is improving all the time and hopefully we can play better in our next match."

Milagros Cabral, Dominican Republic player

"We played a lot differently today than against Germany. We are improving every time but we were not able to show our true ability today. Hopefully we can do that in our next game."