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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Germany v Mexico press conference

The German team celebrate their victory

Giovanni Guidetti, Germany coach

"I think it's good that we won the game the way we wanted, which is 3-0. We played very well, although there was a time when we lost a bit of focus and Mexico started to play well in the third set.

"But it was no problem in the end. I made a lot of substitutions because I wanted all our players to have a game. The new players did well and everything turned out okay."

Angelina Grun, Germany captain

"We are happy with the result because we won 3-0. Although Mexico played very hard, we also put in a lot of effort into the match and that was what gave us victory. Hopefully we can prepare well for our next match."

Orlando Samuels

"I would like to congratulate Germany on their victory. I was very impressed with their technique and power.

"This tournament is very difficult for us and we only hope to learn as we play against top international teams. We have lost two matches and it will be hard to qualify for the second round.

"Hopefully we can win at least one match."

Bibiana Candelas, Mexico captain

"I congratulate Germany. We would like to learn from teams like them and hopefully, the lessons we learned in this match will help us with the rest of the tournament."