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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Japan recovers to beat Costa Rica

A Japanese time-out
Costa Rica
Head Coach Braulio Godinez: The Costa Rica team was shown by Japan the difference in power in serving. In yesterday?s game against Korea we were able to receive better than in today?s game, but after yesterday?s result for Japan they trained a lot and increased their speed. I felt our players were too tense and nervous until the end.
Captain Verania Willis: It was a very hard match, and because our defence was bad we gave Japan the chances to win the match. Especially the serving of No. 5 (Takahashi), which destroyed our rhythm. In addition, the Japanese were able to play their own speedy and combination volleyball.
Head Coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: It was good that Japan was able to make a good result. This is a league format so we feel the pressure in every game, but we were able to confirm that if we play with all our power and ability we can win. It was very important to change the mood from yesterday, and since we were able to do this quickly it led to today?s victory. It is important to change the mood again now, and not relax after this win. We must look forward to the next game.
Captain Yoshie Takeshita: Yesterday we had a miserable game, and today I felt there was a lot of people cheering us, so I am glad to win this game. Now I have to prepare for the next game, the day after tomorrow.
Miyuki Takahashi: Although we won today there are still a lot of points which need to be modified. I do not want to be satisfied with today?s result; we must continue to improve.
Shuka Oyama: Yesterday?s match was very regrettable, but thanks to the support of the fans before this match I could change my mood and feelings and play my best. I was able to concentrate on each point. The other players and coach encouraged me and supported my play, and this was decisive in the way I was able to attack aggressively.