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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
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Kenya put us under pressure, says CT head coach

The Chinese Taipei team celebrate



Head coach Sadatoshi Sugawara: I think Chinese Taipei’s volleyball is the basis of volleyball, which is about not making mistakes and playing in patterns. This is a very good team, whose members have played together for about 10 years.


Captain Dorcas Ndasaba: The Taipei team played at their best today. We tried to block and play back-court defence, but it did not work very well.



Chinese Taipei


Head coach Lin Kuang Hung: My impression of the Kenya team is of a tall team and the players have high potential, with very bright characteristics. Those players are led by a good Japanese head coach, so I thought today’s match would be a hard game. Kenya played their best in the third set and we felt some pressure, so I think Kenya can be optimistic about the future.



Captain Chen Shu Li: I am very happy to win two games in a row. Every game is a challenge for us, and Kenya was a very good team. Our hard training has enabled us to win today, and this game was valuable experience for us.