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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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We're relieved to win says Yu Juemin

China coach Yu Juemin said his team "could have played better."
China player Zhou Suhong:
“We won 3-0, but we are not so pleased with our play, because we made a lot of mistakes. Before this game, I really prepared hard mentally. If we could play better, then we wouldn’t have to worry about complaining to the referee while we are on the court, because we have to stay focused on the game. It’s difficult for us to raise our technical level every game during the tournament. We have to have more confidence that we can win. When we have the lead and the other team started to catch up with us, we didn’t feel very calm and confident.”

China player Juan Li:
“It was a very important match for us today. We won but we couldn’t do it in a very smooth way. So it is a relief for us to get the win.”

China coach Yu Juemin:
“It was a very important match for us, not only the results but the points as well. We are a bit relieved to win, but I think we could have played better. Peru was relaxed, and we couldn’t adapt to that very well. It was difficult for us to get into a rhythm. We had a lot of pressure on us. The Chinese team is still alive. We intend to play our best in the matches ahead. Japan and Korea both have excellent teams. They have been raising their level recently, and we will have to play against Korea in the Asia Games. We need to do some research about them. I am confident we can play well against them again. We have had a lot of injuries. I’m pleased that we could win matches over good teams such as Japan, the Dominican Republic and Poland.
“We were hoping to make the best eight. In September we had to make some player changes and move Li Juan to a different position, from right to left. We didn’t have enough time to prepare. I think more than most people perhaps that there are still many difficulties with this team.”

Peru captain Leyla Chihuan:
“It was a good match. They played better than us in many turning points of the match. We thought we could do much better in the matches here. We made a lot of mistakes, and we couldn’t advance in this World Championship. We have many things to improve upon, and I believe we can do better in the future. I would like to thank all of the fans who came to support us, and the people who worked hard on our behalf.”

Peru coach Cheol Yong Kim:
“It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t win the match. I’m proud that we could challenge one of the better teams in the world. We learned and we experienced a lot from this tournament. I believe we have a chance to do better in the future.”


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