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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Poland game left Peru tired says Park

Korea coach Sam-Ryong Park said his team “didn't perform as I had wished"
Korea No 14 Youn-Joo Hwang:
“First of all the coach of Peru knows the Korea team very well because he used to coach us. Secondly we played until late last night, and this game was the first game which started early, so we are all physically tired. For those two reasons it was a tough game, though we won.”

Korea coach Sam-Ryong Park:
“We didn't perform as I had wished, but yesterday we fought a full five sets against Poland late in the afternoon and the players were tired physically. But we got the result and that was the good part of today's game.

Q. You changed the rotation in the 4th set. Why was that? “I tried an experimental rotation aiming for the games of the final round, and started with Yeon-Koung Kim in the front so that we could take the lead by her winning points from the start of the match, which went well as I expected today against Peru. As for service reception, there were times the reception didn’t go well. But I’m quite satisfied with how we did today.

Peru No. 4 Patricia Soto:
“It was a very close and difficult match today and I am very disappointed to lose. One thing that we have to work on is the rhythm and momentum to keep gaining the points. During the game, even though we went three points ahead, we couldn’t control the momentum and that made us lose the set and today’s match, too. The match was close, but we couldn't maintain our rhythm and create momentum to beat them, so that's something we lack and we need to improve on that."

Peru coach Cheol Yong Kim:
“When I was coach of Korea, I coached many of the players on the Korea team, so I knew the players well. Peru fought well today. One thing we could have done better was when we were ahead by a few points we weren't able to keep the momentum, so we need to work on that. We don't have a player that can kill the opposition off.

“Since becoming head coach of Korea this was my first game against my home country and when the national anthem of Korea was played, I felt very emotional and had strong feelings for my home country.”

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