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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
We made too many errors, says Manabe

The victorious China team at the press conference with Li Juan on the left and Zhou Suhong in the middle

Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe:
"In the first two sets we made many attacking errors and I think that is the biggest reason for our loss today. China's service reception was better than we expected and we only had two blockers for China's main attackers. As a result, they handled our blocks effectively and we weren't able to defend well.
(On Wang Yimei) "She's very tall and has power and when (Yoshie) Takeshita was positioned in front of her she made many points.
(On the difference between Serbia and China's games) "Serbia's attacking patterns are less varied. The Chinese players have better technique than the Serbian players, so they didn't have any problem against our blocks."

Japan player Yukiko Ebata:
"When it was close, I made many errors and I also made many errors in the latter part of the game. Those were the bad points today."

Japan player Saori Kimura:
"We lacked energy during the game. It was a quieter game compared to the games we played previously.
(On why Japan lost) "Because China scored first and we had to try and catch up. I think we should have been more motivated when we scored points.
(On her team's possible failings) "No, I think we could have matched China."

China coach Yu Juemin:
"It was our first game in Tokyo and I am very happy that we won. The players did their best and overcame injuries and conditioning problems. We had some nervous moments during the game because Japan played well in reception, in rallies and serving, but we were able to win with our height and good blocking.
(On keeping Wang Yimei on court) "During the game when she was blocking, she had some trouble with her right leg and I asked her if she wanted to come out. She said she was OK and I didn't want to change my lineup as it was a close game."

China player Zhou Suhong:
"Japan were in first place in Pool A and we were fourth in Pool D so we're very happy to win against Japan. We've played Japan many times, but today we didn't think about it and just concentrated on this game. I think Japan did very well in receiving but we did very well in serving, attacking and blocking and that was the key to our victory.
(On coming through some difficult situations) "Our No.10 (Li Juan) and No.7 (Zhang Xian) helped me and they received very well so I was able to calm down and concentrate on the game. Today we played positively and that was also very important."

China player Li Juan:
"I am very satisfied and impressed by our performance. All the players were fighting hard and encouraging each other. We finished fourth in the first round but faced our difficulties and fought like warriors."


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