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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
It was about character, says Kuzyutkin

Russia coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin praised top scorer Ekaterina Gamova and the rest of his players

Russia coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin:
"It wasn't just about Volleyball today. Brazil played very well, and both of us together could demonstrate a great standard of Volleyball. I'm very thrilled that we could win, and I'm very happy for my team. This wasn't only about sport today, it was about character.
(On his future) "It's difficult to answer that. I can't really think about the future right now. This tournament is the end of my contract so I can't really say about the future. Of course, it would be great if we could continue to train and work together.
(On the 35-point Ekaterina Gamova) "She was able to grab the chances she had throughout the match but nobody played poorly on the team today. The whole team can be credited for the good result today. We have three or four young players who didn't have a lot of experience. More than just being about sport, today it was about our will to win."

Russia captain Maria Borodakova: 
I would like to congratulate Brazil on their play. It was an amazing match. I want to thank our coaches and all the players and all the staff. Our coach really took good care of us."

Brazil coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes: 
Russia made it very difficult match for us in the match. In the tie-break, they were victorious. I'm very sad. I think the Korean judge misjudged a ball by Sheilla that was in. The linesman put his flag down to say it was in. It should have been 8-6 for Brazil, but it was 7-7 instead. There is only 15 points in a tie-breaker, so it was very important. I was very disappointed about that. The final is in Japan. Why is there a Korean judge? There should be a Japanese judge. I'm very sad that we couldn't win in the tie-break. I think Brazil played a very good match, and in the end, the difference was the counter-attacks of Russia. We have been together four years. We were really well prepared for this tournament in Japan. I think Brazil have a very good group of players, we would like to be together to do our best at the Olympics in 2012. We are very satisfied with our performance in this tournament, though we lost the final in a tie-break. We have a lot more to do from here. We have a lot of young players. If we can gain more experience, we will do well in the future."

Brazil player Sheilla Castro:
"Russia played well and deserved to win. We prepared for the match, and we overcame some difficult times. But we thought we could have got a better result. In the tie-break we lost it, but there really wasn't much difference between the two teams."


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