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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Dutch and Cubans united in call for consistency

Netherlands player celebrate their straight-sets victory against Cuba

Netherlands coach Avital Selinger:
"First of all I think it was a tough match. It was crucial for us to come from behind in the first set and get the momentum which we kept in the second, which was also very close and could have gone either way. Towards the end, I felt the resistance of Cuba was less and we could improve our serving and blocking to finish the match. I'm happy that in every match my players gave their all – in all 11 matches. In difficult times they kept it together. There were many disappointments in this World Championship, but today's win is a reward for the players' efforts. We will definitely go home with a better feeling about ourselves.
(On using data to prepare for matches) "I usually look for tendencies in our accumulated data, and when we find a tendency we talk to the players about it and coordinate it in such a way that it will not impose on the players' freedom to play the game as they see it."

Netherlands player Manon Flier:
"We had a lot of service pressure, and it was easier to see where the ball went. We had good communication at the net and we used our skills. I think we did a great job. That was the last match of the World Championship and it's good to finish with a win, something positive. I think we can use this experience for the future, to take with us and learn from it. We have to play more consistently, with not so many ups and downs. We started this tournament well, on a consistent level. I think we can gain something there. We can try to balance out the team a little bit more."

Cuba coach Juan Carlos Gala:
"I think the deciding factor of the match was the first set, when we were up 24-20 and couldn't win it. We were not the same after that. We had receiving problems and it didn't work as we planned. Besides that, the Netherlands team did a very good job."

Cuba player Yusidey Silie:
"I think it was not a very good day for my team. We were a little bit down. The two teams knew each other very well but I think they did better than us today. We have many young players, not only young but lacking competitive experience, and we have several goals for next year. I think our team can perform better – not show so many ups and downs. Some days we've played very focused, but other days everything changes. I think the main factors affecting our team are technical and tactical weaknesses."


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